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Jonathan Wong / July 21, 2017

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People often ask me what I do at Workiva and more generally what the company does, so I wrote this quick post to describe just that. Workiva is a software company based out of Ames, Iowa that helps companies work smart. Their main product, Wdesk, is a cloud-based work management platform focused around financial documents. If you want to learn even more, check out their website. Fun fact: Over 70% of Fortune 500 companies use Workiva's software for their SEC filings.

My Role#

I work as a Software Engineer on the Insight team. Essentially, our team helps make the lives of Workiva engineers easier. We created and actively develop tools to monitor and report errors that customers face when using Wdesk. This helps decrease the amount of time it takes to analyze and fix issues our customers face. Our support teams can then quickly react to issues, and in some cases stop them before customers even notice.

Here's an example of a scenario where our team helps: a customer is happily using Wdesk until unexpectedly a button does not work like they expected it to. Immediately, an error is logged off and sent back to us. After navigating through the proper channels, it arrives and we process the error. Using logic that we've created, we answer questions like: Has this error happened before? How many times has it happened? Is it spinning out of control? Should we contact someone? After answering these questions, we typically end up sending out a message to the interested parties letting them know a user hit this error and giving them all the information they need to investigate it.

HipChat Message

This workflow has streamlined the support process for a number of teams internally and has helped us produce a better product for our customers. We're constantly pushing the boundaries for improving the customer experience and providing a positive experience using our software.

Our Campus#

One of my favorite parts about Workiva is the campus. We have an unbelievable facility in Ames that is as beautiful as it is functional. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

Workiva Lobby Workiva Atrium Workiva Cafe

Thanks for reading and learning more about what I do. If this sounded interesting to you, we're hiring! Come make an impact with us.

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