An Update From Lee (#12)


Lee Robinson / December 30, 2019

2 min read

2019 was arguably my best year to date, both professionally and personally. This was the second year I set detailed yearly goals and held myself accountable for reaching them. Overall, I met 90% of my goals.


  • 💍 Got engaged!
  • 🏡 Bought a townhome with my fiancée
  • 🚀 Promoted to Software Engineer III
  • 📈 Gained >100 newsletter subscribers
  • 📚 Wrote 24 articles which amassed over 150,000 views
  • 🎤 Spoke in front of >100 people at a conference in Seattle

To read my full review and see my goals for 2020, check out my latest blog post.

New Articles#

Since my last update, I've written 6 new articles 😍

I've also launched a 50+ lesson video course on Next.js & React called Mastering Next.js 🎉

I've been following other Indie Makers / Course Creators and have watched how they roll out new products and services. That led me to launch Mastering Next.js without all the content finished. Instead, I opted for a pre-order option. This helped me validate my idea and demonstrate there's a market for the course. It's already paid off - Mastering Next.js has ~$1500 pre-launch revenue 💸

You can view the first introduction module for free.

Content I've Enjoyed#

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