An Update From Lee (#14)


Lee Robinson / March 30, 2020

2 min read

I've been staying at home to help stop the spread of COVID-19. This has left me with a lot of free time and not much to do. So, I decided to redesign and revamp my site!

  • Next.js hybrid site (SSG + SSR dashboard)
  • Chakra UI for style props and theme support
  • Firebase for tracking page views
  • Feather Icons
  • MDX + tons of remark plugins

I wrote a detailed post about some of the technical decisions I made.

Psst – Try out dark mode!

Mastering Next.JS#

My video course on Next.js & React called Mastering Next.js has just reached my yearly goal  🤯

I launched pre-orders back in November and went live in February. In just five months, I can't believe I've hit my yearly goal. Initially, it seemed like a long shot. Here are the all-time stats.

  • 7,800 site views
  • 900 product views
  • 66 sales
  • $5,000 💸

The craziest part? It's not SaaS, but if I look at the past two months since launching, I have ~$1,500 MRR.

Mastering Next.js

Create a Dashboard with Next.JS API Routes#

My personal dashboard blog series has finished! After reading the four articles, you'll be able to build your own to track any metrics you want. Let me know if you end up making one – I'd love to see it.

Content I've Enjoyed#

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