I'm joining Vercel ▲ (#23)


Lee Robinson / September 09, 2020

2 min read

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Big news – I'm joining the incredible team at ▲Vercel as a Solutions Architect!

I'm incredibly excited to start this new chapter of my career. I've been a fan, customer, and advocate for Vercel over the past few years. Being able to join the team is surreal. Next.js has fundamentally changed how I build web applications, and I'm thrilled to help continue growing the thriving community.

One of the first initiatives I'll be helping tackle is Next.js Conf. As of this email, there are currently +34,000 attendees signed up. Hosting a remote conference at this scale will be a huge opportunity. We aim to craft the best remote conference possible, re-thinking what the overall experience looks like from the ground up.

Since my last update, I've published three new videos and managed to break 2,300 newsletter and YouTube subscribers!

I want to take this opportunity just to say thanks. Thank you for subscribing, reading my emails, and replying with your insights. I'm constantly amazed by how many incredible people have joined my little community.

Feel free to reply if you want to chat more. Or if you have a Vercel / Next.js feature request 😉

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